Handcrafted Websites for Humans.

Third Hand helps regular folk like yourself create an online presence that shows off your products, your skills, or just your bad-a&$ blog posts. We think your website deserves personal attention from experienced human professionals, and it shouldn't drain your rainy day fund.


We work to provide a range of affordable custom web services for all project sizes and depths.

  • full-service web design & development
  • website maintenance & updates
  • content planning and creation
  • budget-friendly custom themes
  • no-hassle hosting packages
  • web programming services

Don't scare potential customers off with outdated, poor-quality content, a website that doesn't "work", or worse, no website at all! Fix the mistakes that keep people from finding you online. Be sure you're reaching the people who are looking for you - and people who didn't realize how much they needed you. Learn to create, update or maintain the site of your dreams - all by yourself, or with a minimal amount of hand-holding

Selected Projects

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This artist portfolio site is a customized WordPress child theme - we chose a free template from WordPress.org and changed the fonts, colors, and animations.

Codepen Logo

Theatre actor & director Eric Hayes’ online resume and portfolio was designed to showcase his dramatic images. This is a bespoke WordPress theme with custom content types.

Codepen Logo

Megan needed a professional website to jump-start her private law practice. Custom design and development in WordPress.

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Besides handling design and customizing a WordPress child theme, I also helped with choosing a hosting account, site set up, and training the client on how to make the most of it.

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This small business needed a website ASAP. We built their site in WordPress for easy updating and quick turnaround, and made sure links to contact info were easy-access and abundant.

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This established local business had an outdated site and needed a total online makeover. I also helped them take charge of their Google Business presence and we featured their outstanding customer reviews on the site.

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Get in Touch!

We're committed to helping you create the website of your dreams. If you're ready to upgrade your online presence, simply fill out the Project Interest Form at the link below.

Accepting projects starting April 2020 or later.

The Painless Process
  1. You click the button above & tell me more about you and your project.
  2. We schedule a time to discuss the details.
  3. I research and prepare a detailed proposal for your approval.
  4. We work together to make your dream site real!

Educate Yourself

If you're a brave DIYer (guys and gals after our own hearts!), we also offer learning opportunities so you can create, update or maintain the site of your dreams all by yourself, or with a minimal amount of hand-holding.

Whether it's help customizing one of those pesky free templates we mentioned earlier, or uploading new product photos to your woo-commmerce site, learning how to Do It Yourself could potentially save thousands in fees.

We offer private lessons or group workshops, and occasionally write free, easy-to-follow guides, tutorials, and articles.

Wanna learn more? Get in touch for more information about lessons, or sign up for our tutorial newsletter (coming soon)!


Third Hand Collaborative, LLC is a tiny company founded in 2017 by me, Noel Cothren. I work with clients and agencies all over the USA from my home office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For many projects I work on my own, but I've curated a small community of collaborators that back me up when I need it.